Blue Sage Gun Dogs Terms  and Conditions of Sale
Thank you for your interest in a Blue Sage Gun Dog German Wirehaired Pointer.   We are very dedicated to trying to get you a puppy that will hunt hard and become a loving member of your family.   To remove all confusion this should help explain our terms and conditions:
Selection Process:
We do not sell pick of the litter nor does the timing of a deposit determine the order of how pups in a litter are placed.  (Deposit order does position a person into the litter.  For example if we were to have 5 deposits for females and only end up with 4 females from a litter.    The person with the last deposit received will be placed into the next available litter or their deposit will be returned to them.)   We go to great lengths to take care of our puppies but please remember these are live animals and things can happen such as death or sickness.
At 6 weeks of age we begin to determine placement of our puppies.  We will use the details you provided us on the Puppy Questionnaire and our other communications with you to determine the right puppy for you.
Blue Sage Gun Dogs are all registered with the American Kennel Club with limited registration.  Limited Registration means that you cannot breed your Blue Sage Gun Dog until certain criteria are met.  We are members of the German Wirehaired Alliance, which is an organization dedicated to holding very high breeding standards.  These standards are established to maintain and improve the health and performance of the German Wirehaired Pointer breed .  If you have plans to breed your animal please communicate this ahead of time to discuss.  Once our breeding standards are met we will gladly assist you in removing the limited registration from your dog.
 Our breeding criteria include:
Performance requirements (One of these accomplishments must be met before releasing limited registration.):
-NAVDHA Natural ability: Prize II with 100 point score or better.
-NAVDHA Utility test: Prize II minimum score of 175 or better.
-Versatile Hunting Dog Federation (VHDF) HAE test: scores of 5 or better in each category and a total score of 50 or better.
-VHDF Advanced Hunting Aptitude: score of 155 or better.
-AKC Senior hunter, Master Hunter title, Field champion or Amateur field champion.
-NSTRA Champion
-Proven excellence in the field hunting wild birds!
Health Requirements (all of these must be met):
-Proven to be free from hip dysplasia through OFA or PENNhip.
-Certified as being free from autoimmune hypothyroidism through OFA.
-The individual has to be a strong representative of the breed and have no known faults.  Sound bite, sound coat and proper furnishings are all required.
*We are dedicated to improving the breed so please respect our requirements as these are what create the same quality and consistency in the dog you are getting.
We fully guarantee our pups for the first two years of their life.  If you are unhappy with your dog within the first 2 years you may return your puppy (shipping not included).  We will replace this puppy with a pup from the next available litter.  After the first 2 years we guarantee our dogs against any debilitating genetic health disorders that limit your dog’s ability to perform in the field.  Certified Veterinarian inspection is required.
 We thank you very much for your interest in one of our puppies.
Sage and Rachel Kendall