Submitted by: Cody Buick on May 06, 2018

I purchased Echo from Sage In the spring of 2014 from the Blue Sage Aringo x Bone Point Magnus liter. Sage was easy to communicate with and has been great following up with the dogs several years later. Echo was very interested in birds and hunting from the time that we got him. Within a few months he had developed a strong point and desire to hunt. Echo has truly evolved into a versatile gun dog. At 7 months old he was retrieving geese out of a layout blind. Since then he has hunted ducks, chukar, quail, and pheasant. He will hunt hard all day without quitting. He has a strong and reliable nose. Best of all he has been an excellent family dog going on daily jogs and playing with two toddlers the rest of the day.

Submitted by: Steve Beck on May 01, 2018

I began my journey of searching for a German Wirehaired Pointer more than a year before ever picking up our puppy. I interviewed breeders from all over the U.S. I settled on Blue Sage Gun Dogs after I spoke with the owner, Sage Kendall. I picked up Jaegar in Idaho in July of 2017, he has been a great dog and an even better addition to our family. He is very well mannered and easy going around the house, but once you get him in the field his nose is to the ground and he never stops, except to point at birds. He was seven months old when I started hunting him pretty hard and he has matured to a great gun dog and companion. I hope to work with him this summer to make him an even better hunting dog. He has so much natural talent that he learns very quickly and many things he needs no training. I plan to purchase another GWP in the next couple of years and when I do it will be from Blue Sage Gun Dogs.

Submitted by: T Wayne Sweezey on Apr 28, 2018

After having bad draws with two prior bird dogs, a Brit and pointer, my wife found the Blue Sage Gun Dogs web site and surprised me with a German Wirehaired Pointer from their kennel. When our bitch puppy arrived, we called her “Sage”. She was darling and extremely well humanized. Sage now is just two years old, has hunted wild birds in Texas and Georgia, released birds in Georgia and Kentucky. No matter the birds hunted, she’s a natural pointer. We have her delivering to hand, and by dove season she’ll be retrieving, delivering, and steady to shot. Having grown up with Labs and pointers, this bitch is the most useful and well rounded shooting dog we have owned. Kudos to Sage Kendall.

Submitted on February  7, 2015
I thought you might be interested to see how Blue Sage Flicker (call name "Scrappy") did her first season on birds.  Scrappy was showing a pretty decent ability to hold point on planted birds in the early fall, so I began taking her out alone on short hunts for huns in November.  It was all done very low-key in effort to just get her onto wild birds.  No shots were fired unless she pointed and held point.  In the four times we went after huns, she located five coveys.  She pointed and held two of those coveys (with three birds shot), and acted just like a puppy on the other three.
In December, I began to take her on full day chukar hunts with other dogs and hunters.  Attached photograph 01 is the result of her first pointed and held covey of chukar on 12/11/14 at 5 1/2 months old.
Photograph 02 was taken on 1/17/15, at 6 1/2 months old, holding point on a covey chukar as I approach for the flush.
Photographs 03 through 05 were taken on 1/31/15 at the end of a full day of chukar hunting on the way back to the truck.  The other dog had just blown by this area, but Scrappy got birdy, slammed on point, relocated twice, and held staunch until I flushed the single chukar.  It was pretty amazing for a seven month old dog.  The photos depict, in order: Scrappy's point, retrieve and the trophy.
Obviously, with such a young dog, there were also plenty of busted coveys, but by the end of the season she was doing fantastic.  After some "whoa" training this spring, I think she will do really well next season. Again, I don't know if you care, but thought you might like to see how she is developing.



Submitted by: Larry Bowlin on Nov 09, 2013


When we decided to purchase a Wirehair, we decided to purchase a pup, knowing the joy and
heartache that comes with it.
In searching the Internet for available pups, we decided that we wanted a progeny of proven Navhda parents--a proven quality dog. When I came upon Blue Sage Kennels, not only did Sage have pups, but their parents were at the top of the Navhda certification, which would offer me the best of progeny. Game on!
I spoke with Sage and felt he was a "stand-up" guy and I respected his breeding program.
Since Donar has been home, he has gone to work with me daily to enhance the bonding. None of my other dogs have had the same enthusiasm at this age(4 months old) for retrieving in all levels of cover. He won't give up until he has found and retrieved his prey tactically. He is learning to use his nose exceptionally well.
This is his DNA-nothing I have done. He has been exposed to quail and pheasants and has retrieved from the hand launcher at 150 feet.
I want to thank Sage for entrusting me with this pup. He was right--he is where he belongs--with us. He belongs in our family 365 days per year, not just during hunting season. I believe that come May, he will be amazing. I can offer him the opportunity and exposure and he will rise to the top. Not by me, but by his breeding.
Thank you again for the opportunity to purchase Donar. Larry Bowlin 253-203-5218 Nov 9 2013
Submitted by: Randall Rector on Oct 02, 2013
I purchased a pup from the June 5th litter (Elka & Axel) from Sage. I picked Si up on July 28th and he is the best socialized pup that I have ever had. I have always hunted with Labs and Si is the first pointer that I have owned. Si is very intelligent, easy to train and has more natural ability that any pup I have every had. I shot doves over Si when he was 5 days short of being 3 month old. He retrieved 5 doves, 2 which was still alive that he had to run down. He worked like he had done this many times before. Sage helps with questions that I have and lets me know what I should be working on with Si. If you are wanting a German Wirehair Pointer, don't miss the chance to own a pup from Sage. They have a pedigree full of hunt tested and proven dogs. I take Si with me every place that I can and I get constant comments on what a great looking pup he is and how well mannered he is. Sage and his family are great and you will have a great friend in Sage as well. I can't wait to do the hunt tests with Si. Randall Rector, Jerome, Idaho 208-280-5425
Submitted by: Vane on May 07, 2013
another update on Boss- out of Elka and Axle-

Boss and I just finished our 1st NAVHDA NA test where Boss had a perfect 112 prize 1 score!

That perfect score would never of happened without Boss's good bloodlines and Sage's help and guidance
in getting us both ready for the test

Thanks Sage

Submitted by: Mike Mathews on Dec 15, 2012
Happy to post a testimonial about Blue Sage Gun Dogs.

I purchased two male pups from Sage (Elka & Quikie) in May of 2011. We got the first pup taken, a male that we call AReck and the last pup taken, a male that we call RFree. It's either a shot a my ability to recognize good pups or a indicator that all the pups in this litter were excellent because RFree is every bit the dog AReck is. Both did well in their first test with RFree scoring a total of 69 on the VHDF HAE.

I've hunted both for two years now. They've been over many birds. They are both good athletes, hunt to the front within range point and hold birds. Both cross water with no problem. Both are collar conditioned and they have completed their yard training which we've taken to the field. They are good in the yard and have become fine members of our family. Training resumes right after the beginning of the year (2012) and I expect to finish them by the spring.

Finally, I can tell you that my association with Sage has been top notch. If you purchase a pup from him you'll get good breeding and make a friend as well.

MIke Mathews
Rockland Idaho
Submitted by: Sean Kyle on Nov 30, 2012
I got a male out of Elka and Axel last June and he is turning into a super dog. He has super prey drive and potential for both upland and waterfowl, a spectacular nose, a tight coat, tough feet, and excellent confirmation. At 8 months he's been out on quail, pheasants, prairie chickens, ducks, geese, and Sandhill cranes (only the ones that are dead as a hammer). Can't adequately describe how happy I am with this dog. He's running his first puppy trials tomorrow and I expect to run him in both NAVDHA in the spring and NSTRA in the fall. He's a house dog and my wife and kindergarten age daughter love him. I had a great experience with Sage, too. He picked the pup for me. I was initially nervous about that, but he took the time to talk with me extensively about what I was looking for in a dog and assured me that his 7 weeks with the litter would be much more telling than the hour I might have with them. He was right. If you want a quality wirehair, I would highly recommend Blue Sage.
Submitted by: Vane Dickey on Nov 29, 2012
Hey Sage,

Just to give you an update on Boss- it seems like just a few days ago we were talking about how to get him to honor and point! Well, we are way past that now!

I took him pheasant hunting first for 3 days but he didn't do much [he did point a hen for a few seconds] but I got to watch him operate and could see that he has a pretty good nose- he did a lot of trailing with the other dogs and a few times when they would stop and point, Boss would keep trailing and jump the bird- but I worked on that and by the end of the trip he was getting the hang of it all and was learning to back the other dogs- he also retrieved the roosters I shot after the dogs would bring them to me- I would throw them for Boss and he brought them back to hand every time with no problems- I did keep the older dogs back a couple of times when I had a rooster down and let Boss figure it out. It was fun watching him deal with fences and cows!

Then a couple of days later I went over chukar hunting for a couple days. He didn't do much the 1st day- it seemed like he was never in the right spot at the right time but he got to be around some good points and started to honor with style. He spent more time walking by me than I would of liked [ he did this pheasant hunting also but the country I was hunting was really thick and he was not used to that] He just did not know what was going on yet and did not have the confidence that he does now. Thinking back on it- he was probably getting tired as well as this is all new to him!

The 2nd day he pointed a chukar and 2 different quail by himself, I got lucky and shot each of them and he retrieved them just like a veteran-he didn't mark them very good but he got the job done and got lots of praise! He also got more confidence and started to cover more country and he acted like he really enjoyed his job!

Today hunting snipe around here with him by himself, he pointed 2 different snipe and looked good doing it. He held his point for as long as it took me to get to him, let me walk out in front of him and jump the birds.

He is learning more everyday now and is gaining more confidence, hunting hard covering lots of country [almost too much] I have to reel him in sometimes [ he responds to the tone on the collar for coming to me, and also when I tone him when he sees the other dogs are on point he stops and honors them] he is really learning to use his nose now and we are at the point where it is fun to get him out and watch him put it all together.

There is no doubt in my mind that I when I take him chukar hunting next trip and hunt him by himself- he will get the job done! I think that is good start for a pup that is under 8 months old!

Thanks for all your help and guidance Sage!

Submitted by: Denise Henson on Nov 28, 2012
Our experience with this breeder has been excellent. The kennel is clean, dogs and puppies all healthy. The puppy we purchased has been easy to train, has an excellent disposition. She is showing a strong natural hunting desire. She is an excellent family dog as well with a pleasing personality. Our trainer was very impressed with her when he did the initial evaluation. She is willing to please and has shown no signs of stubbornness. Passed her gun test and is a bold retriever. Very happy with our pup from Blue Sage Gun Dogs.