When the Germans wanted a dog that could do it all, they created the German Wirehaired Pointer.   They are a strong medium-sized dog with a highly intelligent and determined personality, The breed's most distinctive feature is its functional wiry coat. Weather resistant and water-repellant, the outer coat is straight, harsh, wiry and flat lying, which helps to protect the dog against rough cover while hunting.

Most of the early wirehaired Pointers represented a combination of Griffon, Stichelhaar (both mixtures of Pointer, Foxhound, Pudelpointer, and Polish water dog), Pudelpointer (a cross of Poodle and Pointer) and German Shorthair. The Germans continued to breed the distinctive traits of Pointer, Foxhound, and Poodle until they had created what is today the German Wirehair, a constitutionally tough, courageous breed who points and retrieves equally well on land and in water.

​Loyal and affectionate, the German Wirehaired Pointer craves human companionship and bonds closely with its owner.  They have a strong drive and a toughness that gives them the durabiltility to handle many types of terrain and conditions.  If you want to hunt with a dog capable of pointing upland game one day and then retreiving a limit of ducks the next morning there are few breeds that can do it better.​