Elka v. drei Teufeln


"Once in a lifetime"  is a term a lot of serious bird hunters throw around a lot when referencing their favorite hunting dog.  "Elka" has earned this title from serious bird hunters, experienced dog trainers and many enthusiastic hunting buddies.  She has permanently left her mark on the Blue Sage Gun Dogs's Program.   Intensity and prey drive combined with generations of dedicated breeding decisions to create an ultimate hunting machine.  Her natural talent and obsession for finding birds made her a tough dog to leave at home.  She pointed like a dry bone and retreived better than many high dollar retreivers.
For over 10 years I had had the privilege of watching her tear up wide swaths of idaho chuckar country tracking down elusive birds.   I have spent countless  sub-zero mornings watching her run down crippled honkers that landed far out of sight.
She still holds the 3rd highest score in the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation's Advanced Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (AHAE) test.  Her impressive score of 188 puts her into the top 1% of dogs tested in the system!  Her puppies have continued to excel in NAVDHA and the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation Tests.
Thank you ELKA!!!!  Your impact on our Breeding program and our family will live on for many generations!!!  The local bird population has allready started to improve since your passing.  Love you girl!!!!!
​​​ Aringo of Blue Sage  "Retired"
​Ringo was the female we kept out of Elkas 1st litter.​  She is a beautifully constructed sound moving female with a dense medium harsch coat and full furnishings.  She has a super biddable, cooperative demeanor that has made training her a treat. 
She has excelled in both the NAVDHA and VHDF testing systems including scores in NAVDHA NA 112 prize I, UT 187 prize II and VHDF HAE of 67 points.  She is a talented upland bird dog that handles birds very well and  she loves hunting geese.  She is the true "Gentlemens" bird dog.  She ​is a determined bird finder that will hunt hard for her handler all day and then come home and snuggle with the kids and grandkids all night.  It is rare to find a dog able to combine these quality attributes into one package.
​Ringo has been an outstanding mother and has nurtured some very talented progeny.
PennHip:  lft .33, right .31top 30 percent of the breed.  OFA Thyroid Good.  VHDF Conformation evaluation Good.